Beautify The State

Beautify Your Community

Everyone plays a part

Beautifying communities and combatting blight can improve public health, increase civic pride, and improve economic development opportunities. These activities can include creating community gardens, park and trail improvements, graffiti removal, urban forestry, transforming vacant lots and abandoned buildings, and eliminating illegal dumping.

Illegal Dumping Impacts Everyone

In a recent survey of 36 rural towns in Arizona, respondents identified illegal dumping as their most problematic local environmental issue. Illegal dumping goes by many other names, such as wildcat dumping, open dumping, fly-by dumping or midnight dumping, but regardless of the name, illegal dumping is simply defined as disposing waste in an unregulated manner at an unregulated location.

Illegal dumpsites cause a host of problems in a community. They blight the landscape, degrade the environment, contribute to public health problems, and have a negative impact on tourism and economic development.

To help communities develop strategies for combatting this problem, we brought together best practices from across the county in a Illegal Dumping Prevention toolkit to help you get started.

Getting Organized

Often communities are overwhelmed by the complications involved with cleaning up existing illegal dumpsites, citing and prosecuting offenders, and preventing future dumping.

KAZB offers the Rural Environmental Action Planning (REAP) program to assist in convening a broad coalition of community stakeholders in an in-depth, facilitated planning and implementation process. Contact us to learn how your community can participate in the REAP program.

Illegal Dumping Prevention Toolkit

The toolkit contains several documents that can help you organize your community to take meaningful actions to help curb the problem.