Welcome to the Illegal Dumping Toolkit

Keep Arizona Beautiful has been working with affiliates throughout the state to identify local environmental challenges. In a recent survey, illegal or wildcat dumping was named as the top problem in rural towns and counties throughout the state. In an effort to help communities develop strategies for combatting this problem, we’ve researched best practices throughout the country and developed this simple toolkit to help you get started.

The toolkit contains several documents that can help you organize your
community to take meaningful actions to help curb the problem.

Click links to download files.

  1. Tip sheet – Educate potential partners in your community about the who, what, when, where and why your area has an illegal dumping problem. The tip sheet is available in both English and Spanish.
  2. 10 Steps to Organizing an Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup – to help you organize partners and volunteers in your community.
  3. Statewide Illegal Dumping Regulations Guide – to help you understand the laws in your area.
  4. Law Enforcement Education Resources – a guide to helping your community work with local law enforcement on this issue.
  5. Additional Resources

Illegal dumping may go by many other names such as wildcat dumping, open dumping, fly by dumping, or midnight dumping, but it simply means that waste has been disposed of in an unregulated manner at an unregulated location. Illegal dumping differs from littering in types and amounts of discarded materials. Waste found at illegal dump sites in Arizona typically includes household trash, tires, appliances, mattresses, and construction materials.


There are federal, state, and local laws to ensure the safe disposal of different types of waste. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to flaunt these laws and endanger the public by discarding their trash haphazardly along the side of a road, in the open desert, or in some other unauthorized location. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality permits and annually inspects landfills and waste transfer stations, these sites are the only authorized waste disposal locations in the State of Arizona.

Organize a How to Use the Toolkit Session in your community. KAZB staff will meet with civic leaders, volunteers, elected officials, and business owners to talk about using the toolkit to help address your area’s problem.

Contact Megan Fuller at admin@kazb.org, or call 602-651-1227 to schedule a “How to Use the Toolkit” planning meeting today.


Keep Arizona Beautiful would like to acknowledge the many people who assisted in creating the KAZB Illegal Dumping Prevention Toolkit.

Thank you to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful for providing a great example and basis from which KAZB could build. Thanks to Hector O. Murillo for volunteering his time to translate the Tipsheet into Spanish. A special thanks goes to Moriah Solomon for researching resources and assembling the documents. Thank you to board member Mitchell Klein for providing the Statewide Illegal Dumping Regulations Guide. Thank you to our AZ Environmental Resources Roadshow partners: J.B. Shaw, Recycling Coordinator, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality; Jennie Cure, Brownfields Coordinator, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and Patricia Powers-Zermeno, Program Coordinator, Arizona Department of Transportation, Adopt a Highway Volunteer Program. And a warm and wonderful thank you to all the KAZB affiliates who participated in the initial survey that lead to the creation of the Illegal Dumping Prevention Toolkit.