The Arizona Litter Hotline

Report littering when you see it.

It costs taxpayers more than $3 million every year to clean up litter along Arizona highways. There is an additional cost to the economy when businesses and tourists fail to return to our state because of a poor impression. You can help reduce the amount of trash on the roads by reporting litter you see tossed from cars.

We send them a free litter bag for their car, along courteous letter letting them know that they were spotted tossing litter, reminding them about the negative impact of litter, and letting them know that litterers can be fined up to $500 if caught by law enforcement.

The goal of the program is to raise public awareness, change behaviors, and reduce the amount of trash on our highways. We count on you to make this program a success! Thank you.

Phone:  Call 1-877-3LITTER (1-877-354-8837) or fill out the litter report form below.


Report littering now

Please do not report dumping. For this report, the litter must have been thrown from a vehicle. If you see a waste site, please report it to the appropriate city or county.

Please tell us what items you saw littered and check any pertinent items:

Cigarette ButtsFast Food ContainersOther Paper ItemsConstruction DebrisOther - Please Describe Items

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Please provide your location, where you observed the littering:
Example: North Bound I-17 at Dunlap Exit OR West Bound Thomas near 7th Street

If you were on, or close to, a highway, freeway, or interchange, please indicate the roadway.
You may select up to 2 two roadways

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Please provide a description of the vehicle:
Try to be as accurate as possible regarding vehicle make and model. Example: (make) Toyota or Ford and (model) Corolla or Taurus. Letters cannot be generated without the license plate information, or for out of state vehicles, but this information is still useful for statistical analysis.

License Plate #:

License Plate State:

Vehicle Color:

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Please provide any other comments you believe to be pertinent to this incident.
For instance, you observed littering from the same vehicle more than once during the same incident. (The driver threw out 3 items over a 15 minute period).

Please provide your contact information.
This information remains strictly confidential but is very helpful for statistical analysis in determining areas which are underserved by the litter hotline. For instance, this information will be used to promote community awareness in areas where reports are sporadic. This information is never, under any circumstances, shared with any third party—including the litterer.

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Please let us know if we may contact you.If you are supplying your contact information, please let us know if we can contact you. Periodic surveys help us improve our services.

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Thank you for reporting!