About Keep Arizona Beautiful

Our Mission

Keep Arizona Beautiful empowers citizens across Arizona to care for their environment through litter prevention, recycling and beautification.

Since 1984, Keep Arizona Beautiful has been providing resources and support to help communities organize and implement local initiatives to keep our state clean and beautiful, including litter abatement efforts, recycling programs, illegal dumping prevention, and community beautification projects.

We believe everyone has a right to live in a clean and beautiful community, and each of us shares the responsibility to contribute to that vision.

To achieve that vision, we provide guidance for communities who are just getting organized, event promotion, on-the-ground supplies for clean ups, and “best practices” educational opportunities. Additionally, we are an information clearinghouse and a publicity outlet for any community in Arizona that wants to act together to keep their part of the state beautiful.

Board Of

Nancy Wrona

KAZB Board Chair
Central Arizona Community Liaison
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Cherie Rankin

KAZB Board Vice-Chair
Community Development and Social Responsibility

Patti Alderson

Board Treasurer
Public Works Operations Manager
City of Bisbee

Andy Haratyk

Board Treasurer
Public Works Operations Manager
City of Bisbee

Jonathan Green

Investment Recovery
Cox Communications

Brian Davidson

Solid Waste Environmental Coordinator
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

Jim Kudlinski

Environmental Support Services Supervisor
Salt River Project

Mitchell Klein

Snell & Wilmer

Charles Spell

Director of Environmental Policy & Sustainability
Arizona Public Service

About The Staff

Jill Bernstein
Executive Director

Jill Bernstein

Jill has 25 years of nonprofit experience in the arts and the environment in Arizona. She joined Keep Arizona Beautiful as Executive Director in 2012 and is dedicated to building a strong network of affiliates in rural areas throughout the state. She believes each of us is responsible for helping to keep our world clean and beautiful.

“Everyone can feel empowered to take responsibility for keeping our shared spaces – parks, roads, neighborhoods, and communities clean and beautiful. It’s a privilege to bring this message to citizens throughout Arizona.”

Megan Fuller
Environmental Specialist

Megan Fuller

Megan has spent the last 17 years working in either environmental compliance or non-profit development. She joined Keep Arizona Beautiful in March 2015 as the Environmental Research Specialist and is excited to support the Arizona green community.

“I am so pleased to be working towards a cleaner, more beautiful Arizona.”

What We Do: Outreach & Education

The Rural Environmental Outreach Partnership is a joint effort of Keep Arizona Beautiful, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s Recycling and Brownfields programs, and Arizona Department of Transportation’s Adopt a Highway Volunteer Program. As a team, we provide outreach programs across the state that give communities the tools they need to tackle local environmental challenges.

Environment Resource Roadshow (ERRs)

The ERR program provides communities with an overview of the resources available to help them address a variety of local environmental issues: litter clean ups, e-waste recycling and household hazardous waste events, illegal dumping abatement, and brownfields assessment and abatement.


2017 Dates

  • Nov 8 2017 – Quartzsite

If you are interested in having the Environmental Resources Roadshow visit your town, contact us:




Rural Environment Action Planning (REAP)

The REAP program brings stakeholders together for in-depth, facilitated, community-based planning workshops to create and implement sustainable solutions to intractable local environmental issues, such as eliminating illegal dumping.


Check back for upcoming dates!

If you are interested in having Rural Environment Action Planning visit your town, contact us: