April is Arizona Water Awareness Month

By Megan Fuller

April is Arizona Water Awareness Month. Of course, Arizonans are generally aware of water because of our hot and dry climate but, as busy people, we don’t always give water, and the environmental issues that surround it, the attention that we should. Luckily, there are several web sites where we can quickly access resources and information on water facts, conservation tips, and educational classes.

Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association have a very user-friendly site at www.arizonawaterawareness.com at which Arizonans can find basic water information, region specific water use tips, links to maps of groundwater basins and drought reports, and a fun Water Awareness Month calendar with a quick water tip for everyday of the month. In addition, there is a comprehensive list of water related events from throughout the state.

The Water—Use It Wisely conservation campaign also has a great web site at www.wateruseitwisely.com. This campaign was launched back in 1999 as a coalition to promote water conservation in cities throughout the Valley, as well as, statewide. Currently, more than 400 cities, towns, and concerned agencies and businesses are a part of Water—Use It Wisely, making it one of the largest educational outreach programs in the world.  The web site has resources for home, landscaping, and kids- including games and lesson plans.

As Arizonans, we all know that we need to use water sensibly so we can have ample supply long into the future but Arizona Water Awareness Month is a nice reminder to make new or renew our commitment to water sustainability.