bustle.com | 13 Easy Environmental Resolutions For You To Start 2017 With The Planet In Mind

Making resolutions at the beginning of every year is no easy task. How can you find something that will do some good, but that will also be easy enough that you’ll actually do it? These environmental New Year’s resolutions for 2017 are great for exactly those two reasons — they’ll make a big difference to the planet, and they’re all ridiculously easy.

Maybe some of these are already part of your daily habits, but at least a few of them are bound to be new to you. They don’t all seem like big things, and some of them really aren’t — but when they add up, and when lots of people do them, that’s when the effect gets bigger and bigger. So don’t be fooled by how easy or how small each of these things seems; every little thing that you can do to save the planet really is worth it. Pick one and really accomplish it, or try them all — either one of those or anything in between is great. And if you fall off the wagon and revert to old habits, don’t worry about it! You can start again at any time of year.

Now, without further ado, here are 13 environmental New Year’s Resolutions for you to start your year off by focusing on the Earth.

Stop Eating Beef

Consider putting down the burger, because unfortunately eating beef is very harmful to the environment. If you’re a big red meat eater and cutting yourself off entirely would be too difficult, maybe start with just going just one day every week without it. Even just replacing your beef with pork or chicken would significantly reduce your carbon footprint.