E-recycling with a Twist

AZStRUT is a local non-profit e-recycling agency with a twist. Instead of just recycling collected materials for revenue, they actively pursue avenues in which they can use their collected materials to educate. Their name, AZStRUT, is an acronym for Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology. High school students learn to fix the donated computers. AZStRUT then turns around and donates the renovated computers to schools and non-profits in need. But the pursuit to engage students doesn’t stop there.

AZStRUT is looking to expand its influence to the younger grades by creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) partnerships with elementary and middle schools. According to executive director, Tom Mehlert, these partnerships will give students more hands-on, real-life STEM experiences. For instance, students may gather used electronics to donate to AZStRUT and AZStRUT will help the students analyze the materials collected. They can discuss component elements like copper and lead and what scientific and engineering processes are needed to recycle those elements. Mathematically, students can look at the materials as commodities and determine market values. These are just a few of the educational experiences that an AZStRUT partnership could foster.

AZStRUT is currently accepting applications from schools that need donated desktop computers. For more information call AZStRUT at 480.222.4066 or check their web site at azstrut.org.