| Smith: Cleanup has cut down illegal dumping

ARIZONA CITY — Pinal County Supervisor Anthony Smith gave Arizona City residents an update on economic development projects and other business during his monthly community meeting.

Smith said during 2006-2007 housing boom, Arizona implemented pricey impact fees.

“Builders were charged $9,000 to $10,000 per house,” he said. “We’re working with a consultant to achieve 30 to 50 percent less fees. South central Pinal County fees should be $3,000 to $4,000 now.”

Smith also said the Trash Clean-Up Day last September helped cut down on illegal dumping in Arizona City.

“Call PCSO if you get a picture with your phone of someone illegally dumping and their license plate number,” he said. “The county doesn’t control alleys so this day gives residents a chance to clean alleyways. The county also can’t clean private property but will help clean nearby properties. Last year on Trash Clean-Up Day, residents only had to sit in their vehicles while county employees unloaded their trash.”

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