End Littering

The Arizona Litter Hotline

Report littering when you see it.

It costs taxpayers more than $3 million every year to clean up litter along Arizona highways. There is an additional cost to the economy when businesses and tourists fail to return to our state because of a poor impression.

You can help reduce the amount of trash on the roads by reporting litter you see tossed from cars.

or call 1-877-3LITTER (1-877-354-8837)

What Happens When You Report Littering?

The Arizona Litter Hotline is a public awareness tool. When you report someone, we send a letter to the car’s registered owner letting them know that someone was seen littering from their car. We remind them of the negative impact of litter, the annual cost to taxpayers of cleaning litter from highways, and the fact that littering is illegal and can result in a $500 fine if they are spotted by law enforcement. Additionally, we provide a small litterbag for their car.

The goal of the litter hotline program is to raise awareness, change behaviors, and reduce the amount of trash on our roads and highways.

We count on you to make this program a success! Thank you.

or call 1-877-3LITTER (1-877-354-8837)

Adopt A Highway Volunteer Program

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Adopt a Highway program provides an opportunity for community members to help keep our highways litter free. Tons of trash are picked up by Adopt a Highway Volunteer participants each year. You can be a part of positive change by joining the Adopt a Highway volunteer program and make a difference one mile at a time.

Visit ADOT to learn more about the Adopt a Highway Volunteer Program.

Litter Reduction Toolkit

Litter is costly to clean up, impacts our quality of life and economic development, and eventually ends up in our waterways and oceans.

These resources can help you organize your community to take meaningful actions to help curb the problem.