News Release | Keep Arizona Beautiful releases Illegal Dumping Toolkit

PHOENIX, AZ- Keep Arizona Beautiful is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated Illegal Dumping Toolkit. A recent survey of KAZB affiliates revealed that illegal dumping was one of the top environmental concerns statewide. The Toolkit is designed to assist local groups in combating illegal dumping and organizing clean ups in their communities.

Illegal dumping may go by many other names such as wildcat dumping, open dumping, fly by dumping, or midnight dumping, but it simply means that waste has been disposed of in an unregulated manner at an unregulated location.

A successful illegal dumping prevention program will have the support of local law enforcement, local government environment, health, public works, and sanitation officials, and, most importantly, community members. Each of these groups will have to make a coordinated and sustained effort using their various areas of expertise to create and enforce illegal dumping regulations and raising public awareness of the issue.

“In an effort to help communities develop strategies for combating this problem, we’ve researched best practices throughout the country and developed this simple toolkit to help you get started,” said Jill Bernstein, Executive Director of Keep Arizona Beautiful.

By working together taking sustainable steps toward public education and awareness and ensuring accessible services illegal dumping can be stopped in your community. Visit the Toolkit on KAZB web site at and organize a How to Use the Toolkit Session in your community. KAZB staff will meet with civic leaders, volunteers, elected officials, and business owners to talk about using the toolkit to help address your area’s problem.

Contact Keep Arizona Beautiful at, or call 602-651-1227 to schedule a “How to Use the Toolkit” planning meeting today.

About Keep Arizona Beautiful

Keep Arizona Beautiful strives to provide environmental educational resources and support to our affiliates and concerned citizens. In our efforts to fulfill our mission to empower citizens and communities across Arizona to care for their environment through litter prevention, recycling, and beautification we operate four main programs: the affiliate network, the Litter Hotline, Buy a Plate, and the AZ Environmental Resources Roadshow.


Contact Information:

Jill Bernstein, Executive Director